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Watchlist Conversation List Absolutely Useless

Posted by rich May 7, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

 I don't know if posting here will help, but thought I'd try anyway.

 I am finding the Conversation lists in the "Connect" page almost useless, or especially the Watchlist Conversation list.  Now don't get me wrong, I love this feature, I just feel that it could be improved, hopefully with little effort on ChinesePod's end, but I don't know how flexible the system is.

 The main thing, as I said above, is the Watchlist conversation list.  Maybe it's because I thought it would be cool to add everyone who at least contributes decent and/or helpful posts to my watchlist.  But even before I had lots, it seemed that this list of conversation was just a repeat of one topic.  I am assuming that what it is doing is it is finding the latest conversation from everyone on my watchlist.... yet since most of them have made a comment in one or two of the latest lessons, just those two lessons are in the list.

 Is it possible for that list to filter out the duplicates?  Then I can see conversations that have posts from my "favorite" people.  I would think that would be the actual functionality of that.

 But I also want to put in a wishlist for other watchlists as well.  For my own list, and especially when viewing someone else's connect page, it would be WODNERFUL if it didn't order discussions i have responded to by the lastest post, but did it more like when you put your feed or someone else's feed in Google Reader, etc.  I will go to someone's page, like Ken's, and see that some discussion that is on the top of his listed is dated 4:15am (for example), I keep thinking "Ken has made a response to that conversation, and was up at 4am??", then to realize he hadn't made any new contribution to the discussion as I had hoped, and it was some one else making the latest post.

So in short, it woudl be really nice to see those conversation lists in order that the person who owns the connect page responded, not other people's timestamps.  Possible?  I can only hope, cuz I think it would make the discussions easier to keep up on.  Until then... I have to be adding people's feeds to Google Reader...


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