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Posted by rich March 1, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Inspired by Henning's great grammar and character threads, and realizing how poor I did at even keeping up with my love for doing breakdowns of characters radicals, their meanings, and how we can use their meaning (or guessed meanings) to create a story to write a character, I will hopefully be able to follow Henning's method of adding them to this here thread, referencing the lesson and all. As I must make the disclaimer, that while I do what I can to search my references and online radical dictionaries, etc., sometimes a radicals meaning for a particular character may be my or another person's guess at the meaning, or just a good/easy way to use it to remember for the character. Will try to specify if a radical, while I have given it meaning, is most likely the phonetic radical.

To see some of my past Character breakdowns, please reference the ones I posted on my  website, at

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