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HSK outside of China?

Posted by rich March 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Anyone know much about the HSK (Chinese proficiency exam), such as when and where it is?   From what I know about IN China, it is the 4th Sunday of May, second Sunday of January.  Yet I can't be in China in May (not unless I cancel a bunch of stuff) but have to have my test scores to FuDan University if I go there.  

I've search and search the 'net for times OUTSIDE of China, yet to know avail.  I am hoping I can take it here in Britain sometime.  I have found that there is an organization in London for training people for the HSK, but couldn't find any exam dates.  Anyone have any ideas?

Also, if you know any good resources for studying for the HSK (books, software, websites, etc.), you post them here too.  

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