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Thanks to everybody, noodles and 着

Posted by gesang March 15, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi there!

First of all i like to post a very big THANK YOU! to chinesepod.com both hosts AND users! I am addicted to the audio shows (once a mate asked me: "who is this Ken you always talk aboout??" ;-)) and i benefit so much from the comment section. many of my questions are often answered by the time i get to study at the computer (well, thats why i didnt often post anything by now!)... and sometimes its just fun to read! i also dont have friends in Switzerland who also learn chinese so it is very nice and motivating to read about other peoples studies there! 谢谢大家!chinesepod实在是太好了!

Second thing is: What have northern american  people to do with fried noodles? i think i listened to about 4 lessons now where Jenny and Ken said 炒面 is well known to north american listeners..why? they never explain!!

3rd: I came to read this  as a particle used with verbs many times lately. i read its something compareable to -ing form in english, but how do i decide to use it in chinese? i couldnt make out a pattern there...

Last thing: try to give some help back: if anybody of you chinese learners dont know this page: http://www.xuezhongwen.net/chindict/chindict.php

its very, very helpful to find words by english, pinyin or chinese, even possible to "draw" characters in an applet if you dont know how to type...and they have stroke order animations for nearly any character!  

Thanks again! Gesang. 


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