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How do I use the Connect section?

Posted by Lantian May 11, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I've been trying various RSS readers but haven't found anything I really like. Google's interface just isn't fun. Yahoo's seems too time delayed. Others I just stop clicking over to. So now I'm back to Cpod's Connect

These days I just click on the All Conversations RSS link and then read the latest posts. I don't really like this though as it doesn't show who posted, and the comments are not within a thread.

So then I look at the Connect list of My posts, Watchlist, Everyone but all I see are listing of podcasts, I have no clue about what is actually being said. I guess I could click on each and then hit 'back' and click another, but this seems like a big hassle.

Am I not using this right? How are other's using this Connect page? 

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