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从 or 从中

Posted by billglover March 26, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Hi all,

I tried to be too clever for my own good and write a blog entry in Chinese. I sat down and put together a few sentences using some of the recent lessons I had covered and then translated them into Chinese. I won't paste the full child-like entry here, but I do have an outstanding question:

从中 or 从

I wanted to say that my brother and sister returned from university (今天我的弟弟和妹妹从中大学到家了。). Originally I used 从中 but have been told that it should be 从 instead. They both seem to mean "from" and I haven't been able to find out why one should be used in preference to the other. Any takers?

The full shamefully simple entry can be found here: 上个星期

Thanks in advance. 

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