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The new "VIP level"

Posted by henning April 1, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I have had the pleasure to pre-test the new CPod "VIP level" for a few hours now and I must say I am impressed - despite some minor glitches.

Only how to earn those "CPod miles" could be made more transparent and some of those extra "ChengRen" lessons seem to be a little over the top. But I really like those "Director's cut" lessons. I so far listened to the 30-minute "Lover's spat" edition - especially those added 3 minutes of silence really add mood.

The audio interface is really cool, but still buggy. I also appreciated that you provide expansion & exercises to all published adsotrans-news. The first person shooter is a bit too gory for my taste.

All in all well done! Can't wait to see it going live. 

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