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我都累了 - Chinese grammar and Star Trek physics

Posted by henning April 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Yesterday evening I said to my wife 我都累了 - which I also used in a post before.The answer was: "That sentence is not correct!". I asked why and got the reply that the 都 does not work here, but 非常 whould be OK. I tried to reply with exact science - Google. You get more than 200,000 hits on the phrase " 我都累了".

Well, but "In this context it does not work". I argued that in quite a few of the hits 我都累了 has been used without any context at all, e.g. in headlines, but 没用。 It depends on the context and it does not work "here" (wherever that is).


Chinese grammar sometimes seems like Star Trek physics to me. The most unbelievable phenomena pop into existence - whenever the plot demands for them (in this case: further drag down my confidence). Had my wife a linguistic background instead of a computer science one she would have probably come up with a fancy term for that, unheard by anyone before (maybe "Dynamic Omnidependism"). 

But there is no real explanation and I still wonder what makes 我都累了 here and not there besides crushing confidence...anyone knows?

[Sorry for posting in English.]

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