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公正、公平、公开 just, fair and open
好莱坞大片 Hollywood blockbuster
黄金时段 prime time
假唱 lip-synch
劲射 power shot
拉拉队 cheering squad
来电显示电话机 caller ID telephone
论文答辩 (thesis) oral defense
泡沫经济 bubble economy
票贩子 scalper, ticket tout
拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster
三角恋爱 love triangle
three-dimensional animation
" 扫黄 " " 打非 " eliminate pornography and illegal publications
申办奥运会 bid for the Olympic Games
实现中华民伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
市场疲软 sluggish market
素质教育 education for all-around development
筒子楼: tube-shaped apartment
脱贫致富 cast (shake, throw) off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity
网吧 Internet bar
网恋 online love affair
网上冲浪 surf the Internet
网上交易平台 online trading platform
网友 net friend
无人售票 self-service ticketing
无绳来电显示电话 cordless telephone with caller ID
无线应用协议 WAP wireless application protocol
下岗 laid-off workers
下海 plunge into the commercial sea
下网 off line
小康之家 well-off family; comfortably-off family
新秀 up-and-coming star, rising star
新新人类 New Human Being X Generation
信息港 inforport
形象小姐 / 先生 image representative of a product or a brand
虚拟网 virtual net
学生处 students' affairs division
研究生毕业证 / 学位证 graduate diploma/graudate degree's diploma
摇钱树 cash cow
以人为本 people oriented; people foremost
义务教育 compulsory education
易拉罐 pop can
应试教育 examination-oriented education system
舆论导向 direction of public opinion
运球 dribble
在职博士生 on-job doctorate
早恋 puppy love
招生就业指导办公室 enrolment and vocation guidance office
证券营业部 stock exchange; security exchange
知识产权 intellectual property rights
中专生 secondary specialized or technical school student
中流砥柱 mainstay, chief corner stone
专卖店 exclusive agency; franchised store
自我保护意识 self-protection awareness
综合国力 comprehensive national strength
综合业务数字网 integrated service digital network (ISDN)
总裁助理 assistant president
综合治理 comprehensive treatment
安居工程 housing project for low-income urban residents
信息化 information-based; informationization
智力密集型 concentration of brain power; knowledge-intensive
外资企业 overseas-funded enterprises
下岗职工 laid-off workers
分流 reposition of redundant personnel
三角债 chain debts
素质教育 education for all-round development
豆腐渣工程 jerry-built projects
社会治安情况 law-and-order situation
民族国家 nation state
ǘ "independence of Taiwan"
台湾当局 Taiwan authorities
台湾同胞 Taiwan compatriots
台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分。Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.
西部大开发 Development of the West Regions
可持续性发展 sustainable development
风险投资 risk investment
通货紧缩 deflation
扩大内需 to expand domestic demand
计算机辅助教学 computer-assisted instruction ( CAI )
网络空间 cyberspace
虚拟现实 virtual reality
网民 netizen ( net citizen )
电脑犯罪 computer crime
电子商务 the e-business
网上购物 shopping online
应试教育 exam-oriented education
学生减负 to reduce study load

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