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The old Elementary to Intermediate Issue

Posted by scottyb May 22, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I know this has been discussed in the past, so I apologize if I'm revisiting ground that has already been well covered, but I need some advice.  The elementary lessons have, by and large, become fairly easy for me.  Other than having to memorize any new vocab, the challenge has diminished enough that I felt it was time to mix in the intermediate lessons.  So far, this has not gone well - it is a big jump!  I have experienced the following problems:

1) dialog is often too fast for me to get anything but the most rudimentary understanding of what is going on. For example, in Mobile Repairman, the sentences where she describes the problem with her microwave were impossible for me to get a handle on by just listening.

2) I find the amount of new vocabulary is overwhelming

3) I can rarely construct even passable sentences in The Fix (lesson review).

4) It often takes me several listens to understand what Jenny is saying in places.


I have a few questions.  First, am I punching above my weight - would it be wise for me to stay an Elee for a while?  Second, if it's better for me to continue banging away at the intermediate lessons, what strategies have worked for other people that have made the jump successfully?  I'm wondering if the lack of immersion in the language (I live in Florida) effectively prevents me from moving up to this level.  Has anyone moved to intermediate or above without living in a Chinese community?  Any advice is welcome.  This stumbling block has proven to be very frustrating! 

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