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Bye bye, Newbie, good-bye!

Posted by frank June 17, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Hello everyone! I see a lot of new faces around here these days. That's just awesome!


I'm Frank Fradella (for those who haven't already had the misfortune) and for a long time I was the guy writing the official Newbie blog for ChinesePod. As of today, that time is at an end (thought it may have seemed I went the way of the dodo some months back).


It's been coming for a good long time, I think. We've gone around the block with changes to the site and changes to my schedule and I finally decided to throw in the towel and call it a day. It's been an extraordinary honor to share my journey with so many creative and dedicated people, and I'll never forget the trust the folks at ChinesePod placed in me to make me their Newbie blogger.


I'm not leaving the site entirely. I've had to put my studies on a maddening hiatus due to the film I'm shooting right now, but expect to see more of me in the coming weeks and months. I'm like a bad penny. I just keep turning up. :-)


Anyway, I just really felt like I ought to say something. Not a good-bye, exactly, but a little tip of the hat to the Powers That Be and the handful of folks who made it over to the blog on a regular basis. You made the experience fun and I thank you a thousand times for it.


Peace, people.

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