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第一回: Chunk 3

Posted by henning July 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: 红楼梦, 第一回, 古文, classic


Can such a kinglike man really not compare with those women? Actually, it is only shame I have abundant, but regret is of no use, whatever I do, the chance just cannot come!



堂堂 kinglike
须眉 a man
彼裙钗 that womanfolks (裙钗 Skirt + hairpin = woman! Cool piece of vocab!)
哉 (exclamatory particle)

Such (何) a kinglike 堂堂 man须眉 like me,

Really (诚) cannot compare with (不若) those (彼) women (裙钗) 哉 (exclamatory particle)

Really shame is all that I have abundant

Really (实) shame (愧) however (则)  [I] have in excess (有余)

But regretting again (悔又) does not help / is of no good (无益), whatever I do (之大?) 无可如何 there is just no day (之日)!! (也)

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