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Group 巳 (sì)

Posted by henning July 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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Group 巳 (sì)

Motivated by Lesson: E0785: 似曾相识

Taken from character: 异 (yì)

Taken from word: 诡异 (spooky)


( ; )

Pron: yì

Main radical:

Frequency: 709

Meaning: to raise, to stop (); different, unusual, strange ()

Examples: 诡异 (spooky); 特异 (special); 差异 (difference); 诧异 (flabbergastered; astonished); 怪异 (weird); 惊异 (amazement); 奇异 (fantastic; odd; bizzare); 异步 (asynchronous); 异常 (abnormal); 异性 (heterosexual), 异议 (dissent); 异质 (heterogeneous); 优异 (exceptional)


Pron: sì

Main radical:

Frequency: 3381

Meaning: 6th earthly branch, 9-11 a.m.

Example: (6th earthly branch, 9-11 a.m.)



Pron: sì

Main radical:

Frequency: 3123

Meaning: offer sacrifice to

Example: 祭祀 (offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors)



Pron: xiàng, hàng

Main radical:

Frequency: 2399

Meaning: lane, alley

Examples: (lane, alley), 大街小巷 (large streets and small lanes)



Pron: bāo

Main radical:

Frequency: 454

Meaning: to cover, to wrap, to hold, to include, to take charge of, package, wrapper, container, bag, to hold or embrace, bundle, packet

Examples: 包裹 (wrap up, bundle, package); 包涵 (forgive, excuse); 包含 (include); 包括 (comprise of, include); 包装 (package); 包子 (baozi); 书包 (schoolbag)



Pron: xī

Main radical:

Frequency: 2485

Meaning: prosperous, splendid

Examples: 熙熙攘攘 (burstling)



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