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第一回: Chunk 7

Posted by henning July 16, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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此回中凡用"梦"用"幻"等字,是提醒阅者眼目,亦是此书立意本旨.列位看官:你道此书从何而来?说起根由虽近荒唐,细按则深有趣味.待在下 将此 来历注明,方使阅者了然不惑.

My try:

In this chapter often words like „dream“ or „fantasy” etc. are used – readers be reminded that this is the very idea behind the conception of this book.
Ladies and gentlemen (reader): Do you know where this book comes from? Let’s mention that although the story may seem absurd, if you look at in more detail, in the depths there are yet interesting things to find. Please wait for me to clearly explain the origin of it, clarify it for the reader.

[Need to know 在下is a humble form for I here…that really threw me off…]

In this chapter (此回中) often words like „dream“ or „fantasy/illusion“ etc. are used (用"梦"用"幻"等字)
Remind (提醒) the readers (阅者) eyes (眼目) also (亦) this the conception of this book (此书立意) is of that purpose (本旨)

Ladies and gentlemen (列位看官)
[看官-> functions like a 各位 here]

Do you know (道) where this book (此书) comes from (从何而来)

Mentioning (说起) the logic/reasoning/cause (根由)
although虽 is preposterous/absurd (荒唐)

Looking in more detail (细按) however (则) in the deep there are (深有) interesting things (趣味)

待在下将此 来历注明,方使阅者了然不惑.
I  (在下) – wait for (待): I will explain it’s origin (将此 来历注明)

make (方使) [it for] the reader  (阅者) clear (了然 - clear不惑 – not confused)


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