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第一回: Chunk 9

Posted by henning July 18, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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娲皇氏只用了三万六千五百块,只单单剩了一块未用,便弃在 此山青埂峰下.谁知此石自经煅炼之后, 灵性已通, 因见众石俱得补天,独自己无材不 堪入选,遂自怨自叹,日夜悲号惭愧.

My try:

Now it gets really strange. Not only heaven-fixing goddesses but also a whining stone in this one!

Empress 娲 only needed 36500 pieces, so only one piece wasn’t used. Then she got rid of it below the summit of mountain 青埂. Unexpectedly this stone, after it underwent some training, got a soul. And because it saw all those stones were used to fix heaven, and itself didn't have the ability to be chosen, it therefore started to blame and sigh. Day and night it cried sad in shame.

Empress 娲 (娲皇氏) only needed 36500 pieces, so only one piece wasn’t used (只单单剩了一块未用).

Then (便!) got rid of it (弃) below the mountain (在 此山) 青埂summit (峰)

Unexpectedly (谁知, lit. “who knew?”) that stone (此石)
after it underwent some hardening/training (自经煅炼之后)

灵性已通the spirit (灵性) already connected (已通?)

-> it got a soul

Because it saw (因见) so many / all stones (众石) [-> and therefore the rest]
entirely (俱得) were used for fixing heaven (补天)

独自己无材不 堪入选
Alone by itself (独自己)
without the talent/quality (无材] it couldn’t (不 堪) be (入选)
-> all alone and without the ability to be chosen

therefore (遂) it started to blame and sigh by itself (自怨自叹)

Day and night (日夜) cried sad (悲号) in shame (惭愧)

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