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Lost perspective of time in CPod World...time-line vanished

Posted by rich May 25, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Have any of you others who have been around awhile, feel that now there is no time order to our lessons now?  I do accomplish things by date and time, order things by date and time, etc.  All my digital photos have dates and times in the filename and directories, etc.  I used to love how ChinesePod had the date of the lesson in the filename.

I know that in the lesson's individual webpage there is the lesson date, but it seems that is all there is.  Even in the listing of lessons (which we can't get an all-level listing to see a time-line) there is no date... and since it only lists that leve's lessons, it is impossible to tell what lessons are from what date, so I have to keep clicking open to find a particular day's lesson.

Ken, John, whoever: was this intentional, to get away from dates to make it seem like one can start anywhere?  I understand that, and maybe I'm the only one who has felt a little "lost" in the more-or-less dateless CPod world, but then maybe not.  It is just that once I download an MP3 onto my computer now, I really only have the modified date to go by, and that is usually the same date as about 5 more lessons. 

 Maybe I am missing somethign and there is a way to see all lessons.  I would like to be able to see a better time-line of all lessons like I was able to in V2.  If that is still possible, or if anyone can offer some hints and tips in this area, would greatly appreciate it.  Do encourage to bring back dates, because ChinesePod is kind of date-sensative, in that it has a growing and evolving personality, as we get to know the hosts, etc.  Okay...'nuff said.


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