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Podcast Info on IPOD doesn't match PDF's ?????

Posted by wesleywongphoto July 27, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Dear Ken Carroll.

I have been having this problem but I don't know if I am the only one having it. In many of the Elementary lessons the Podcast Info (the words and characters that actually are suppose to match the PDF, that I read in my IPOD) don't match. At first it was just 3 or 4 of them. But now I am finding more and more incorrect lessons. 

I would assume that with a name like Chinese"POD" (emphasis on the POD) that  you would have this one obvious detail correct for the lessons. What I am trying to say is that the whole purpose of using your system is so you can listen AND READ the lessons on your IPOD.  

It's very disconcerting when as a beginner I am trying to understand the dialog but then am totally thrown off by wrong written characters and Pinyin. 

It's like someone trying to learn English but all of the letters and words don't match what your reading.

Anyways Adi has been great about checking into the problem although he initially thought it was the PDF's which are different from the "IPOD lesson info" I am talking about. He can explain if you dont' understand what I mean. I thought they were suppose to be the same. (Upon up Itunes then right click onto a lesson and click "tech info" which shows the lesson PDF, the latest wrong ones are the Elementary lessons: Condoms, Chinese Seasonings, and Chinese Money Denominations. In the Elementary Lessons Buying a sim card and China's Most Famous Tourist Destinations the Pinyin is completely missing.

I am writing this because I think it is the responsibility of your organization to have these kinds of things thoroughly checked  out before you sell them to the general public.These are not just minor flaws. They're are very obvious things that should not be incorrect and I would be a little embarrassed if I were you If someone told me of these problems.

When I initially told Adi about them I didn't think it was a big deal. Just a few here and there. But now as I go through each of the Elementary lessons I am finding more and more and I don't think it is my responsibility to have to tell Adi about each one every time as nice as he is about the whole thing. Which is why I am letting you know you really should have someone go through all of these lessons and make sure they are correct.

I still love listening to you and Jeni and I still love the ChinesePod lessons which is why I just hope you can resolve this problem soon. 

Thanks, Wesley Wong

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