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The Incredible Shrinking Candy Bar

Posted by mark July 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

I came of age in the 70's.  At that time we suffered the twin scurges of high inflation and a sluggish economy.  Candy bars were 10 cents at the beginning of the decade and 50 cents at the end, but in between price hikes, the contents got smaller; a different kind of price hike.  It seems we are entering similar times now.  I hear of shrinking cerial boxes, and such like.


I'm not sure what economic forces are opperating on CPOD now, but I feel like my diet of content has been reduced without a nominal change in the price.  I had become used to one I, one UI and one advanced lesson per week, but the new plan of five lessons per week makes this impossible.  In the last week or two the lessons at any given level have seemed much simpler than previous lessons at the same level; less new vocabulary and not a long.


One of the things that I like about CPOD is that it has always seemed to allow me to grow my skills as much as I am able.  Most Chinese study materials that I've found just offer the opportunity to learn the equivalent of a couple years of college.  It's hard to get from there to truely fluent, but until now I have felt that  CPOD offered me that hope.  For a while I can use old advanced lessons, but then what? 我感觉绝望了。

Ok, enough complaining.  I have a request.  Could you please consider starting a series that is weekly and provides both a recording of a native speaker and transcript of a couple pages of adult level reading material?  I think it would not be expensive to produce and would give those of us in the no man's land between fluent and intermediate a rung to the next level.

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