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Posted by marcelbdt July 30, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

Maybe it's my turn to put my head on the block to keep the stone (or my head) rolling:

石道:"自然,自然."那僧又道:"若说你性灵,却又如此质蠢,并更无奇贵之处.如此也只好踮脚而已.也罢,我如今大施佛法助你助,待劫终之日,复还本质,以了此案. 你道好否?"

The stone said "Of course, of course." The buddhist continued "You seem to talk wisely, but later it will turn out to be foolish. The world will turn out dull and worthless. So we have to be careful.  Anyhow, I will now use Buddhas great power to help you, even if at the end misfortune will come out of it.. I will restore you using these formulas  . Do you agree to this?


The stones said "Of course, of course."


The buddhist monk said:


it seems from your speech that you are clever,


But later it will turn out to be stupid.


It will change into a place of no wonder or value.


So we just have to tiptoe.
(Whatever that means to a Chinese. I am assuming that tiptoing
means being careful, walking aware of lurking dangers.)


As you wish. I will use Buddha's power to help you today.


expecting the misfortune that will eventually come one day.


I will return to your true nature,
by using these formulas.

(My head is really in danger at this point. I can't figure out what  案
refers to. It can mean "table, (juridical) case, record". but since the monk is about to read magic formulas,
I am guessing that he has brought a grimoire, and that  the 案 is that book)


Do say this is good or not?

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