Say It Right Series

Chunk 17

Posted by liansuo July 31, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Well then, if my newly-learned magic on the computer works, I am ready to put my head on the block, too:



When the stone heard this, he did not know how to thank him enough.


The monk (began) to recite prayers and to draw mysterious symbols


a great show of magic!

将一大石登 成一的美玉

and turned (成), the big rock (将一大石)in no time flat into  a neat shining piece of jade


which he then shrunk down to the handy size of a fan pendant.


The monk held it in his palm and said laughing:

' 体倒也是个宝物了!

From a point of view of physical appearance you are a real gem now!


But that alone is not yet a real advantage (I am pretty sure this comma is in the wrong place – my book does not have it)


So I will also engrave some numbers (not characters?) on you, so that people know at first glance what a rare and wonderful thing you are.

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