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I need your help!!!

Posted by cassielin August 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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hi guys, I found a very beautiful song today, it is Daniel Powter's Free loop. I like it very much. Do you know this song? 大家好,我今天找到一首非常好听的歌。Daniel Powter的Free loop.我非常喜欢这首歌。你知道这首歌吗?

I wonder what does "free loop" mean. 我想知道free loop是什么意思。

what's a lazy day?什么是a lazy day?(I know the word "lazy", but maybe it is different when it combine with "day". Like "a long day" means you were busy and tired.)我知道lazy这个单词,但是当它和day这个单词结合的时候,也许有不同的意思。就像a long day表示这一天很忙,很累。

What does "I need someone who leaves the day" mean? I can not get the word "leave" . what's leave the day?

what does"we can do a one night stand" mean?"we can do a one night stand"是什么意思?


Hope you can help me understand this song better. Thanks!希望你们能帮我更好的理解这首歌,谢谢。

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