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Posted by kencarroll May 28, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

In case you didn't know there are lots of places where you can find ChinesePod and language learning related discussions, other than here in 'Connect'. First offf, there's the ChinesePod Forums with moderators Bazza, Aunty Sue, Henning, will, RobAnt, Bob Mrotek, coljac, and Liulianxiaoyu. Go, register, and have fun.

Then  you have the ChinesePod the blogs. We have tons of them - in various languages. Least, but not last of these is my blog on Praxis Language. Next there's Frank Fradella's marvelous Newbie blog. In addition you have the German blog with Joachim and Anne - for native German speakers who wish to learn Chinese. Meanwhile Antonio Vergara pens our Spanish blog. In French we have the insanely talented Christian Mondorf. In Japan we have the unmistakable Kenta Torimoto. Our youngest and most energetic blogger of all is Hyunwoo Sun, who blogs in Korean.

 And as if that isn't enough, you can also go to SpanishSense for some more language-related discussion, in Spanish or English!  

You'll never be alone when it comes to this crew.


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