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Posted by fp00n May 29, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

Hi Chinesepod!  Great lessons first and foremost.  I just did a search of what religious lessons you have, and there aren't many, plus they cover vocabulary relevant to Christianity mostly.  My guess is that others don't have an interest in this, but I'd find it useful to have a lesson on Buddhist vocabulary: like "meditation," "temple," and "monk" for beginniners, and more specific advanced vocabulary like "karma," "dharma," "sangha," "reincarnation," "soul," "Sakyamuni Buddha."  Also, some content about GuanYin and/or Amitabha Buddha (the name I always heard chanted in Taiwan was "a-mi-tuo-fo") There are lots more specific vocabulary, but this would be a good start :)

 And also, judging from the comments I saw in the religion lesson, something about Muslims or  the Uighur ethnic group would be nice.

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