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Chinese constellations.

Posted by marcelbdt August 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I would be interested in figuring out what the Chinese constellations are, and how they correspond to western costellations.


Here is a place to start : The summer/autumn constellations



This covers seven "moon stations", which seem to lie around the ecliptic, but surprisingly only on one side of it! Just in case you wonder, the moon will wamder around in a complicated fashion in a belt around the ecliptic with about 10 degrees width (20 moon diameters). It will not keep to one side of the ecliptic.

These seven sonstellations prominently avoids the brightest stars - why are Castor, Pollux (in the twins), and not even Regulus (in the lion, very bright, straight on the ecliptic) etc not part of a moon station?

The devil(鬼) seems to be the beehive star cluster - I suppose star clusters are a bit spooky.



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