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What study styles work best?

Posted by mark June 3, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I often wonder how to make the best use of the time I have available to study Chinese, and I'm hoping to get some feedback on what has worked for others.  Here are some related questions:

<> Lesson level: Is it better to master an easier lesson, or get what one can from a harder lesson?

<> Learning to write:  Is is better to write by hand or use a computer?

<>Vocabulary:  Is it better to focus on acquiring new words or using the words one knows fluidly?

<>Sources of input:  What sources of input work best?  CPod lessons?  Movies? Songs?  Live conversations?  (Or, how would you divide your time between these, if you had a choice?)

<>Drills: What kind of drills work best?

<><><><> Progression over time:  Does the most effective way to study vary as one progresses?  If so, what works best at each level: Newbie?  Elementary? Intermediate?  UI?  Advanced?


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