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How do you use vocab tags?

Posted by brendan June 6, 2007 in the Group General Discussion .

I really think that the vocab functionality remains a half-buried treasure, in the sense that it is a record of your passage through the lessons, and represents the state of your progress. The tags are extremely important. Here's how I use mine. If you have other ways, then maybe the CP team could incorporate some of these ideas.

I get through about 4-5 lessons a week (elementary and intermediate), and try to revise the new vocab I've acquired on a regular basis (the advantage being that I can just snatch 10 mins here or there for this activity) For each lesson, I'll typically add 10-20 vocab items to my vocab. The danger is that they'll get left there and I'll never see them again.

So I tag the most recent week's vocab as 'current'. And test myself most often on that group. Bit by bit, I move the learned vocab from the 'current' vocab into a 'revise' tag, which I use a little less often, but do try to catch up on.

In all of this, there's nothing stopping me from tagging the vocab in other ways as well, to categorize for example. However I'm doing this less and less, and in fact I think that vocab should come pre-tagged with tags indicating subject, and even part-of-speech.

The major problem with my nascent system is that it is very labour intensive. It'd be great if there were some way to tag groups of vocab together.

If anyone else is using tags in a similar (or at least systematic ) way, it'd be great to swap notes and make some suggestions to CP about how to make it easier for us to uncover our hidden treasures. :-)

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