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Posted by johnb December 17, 2007 in the Group General Discussion.

Today we're going to look at [dù], which can mean "stop" and is used in a bunch of plant names, but is most commonly seen as a surname. The most famous bearer of that surname is 杜甫 [Dù Fǔ], a Tang Dynasty poet and the grandson of another famous poet, 杜审言 [Dù Shěnyán]. The Baidu Encyclopedia has a good article on Du Fu (in Chinese).

In the meaning of "stop," 杜 is commonly seen as part of the word 杜绝 [dùjué], which means "to stop, to put an end to." An example of its use is:

  • 新的法规旨在杜绝诈骗行为。[Xīn de fǎguī zhǐzài dùjué zhàpiàn xíngwéi.] The new regulations are aimed at putting an end to fraud.

We'll be looking at surnames all week.

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