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My study strategy

Posted by mandarinboy August 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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I have choosen an academic aproach to study Chinese.

First set the goal. In my case that is to pass the HSK test next summer. That would require around 1000 Chinese words. To learn those i use many sources.

- Chinesepod for listening

- New practical Chinese reader books for grammar, tests, reading and writing.

- Software ,chinese homework trainer for drilling words and characters, dicttionary, strokeorders etc.

- The chinese comunity here in Gothenburg, Sweden, for talking.

This combined makes it relatively easy to study.

I am aiming to learn 5 new words per day. When learning those i place them in an practice list in the software and then starts drilling. My number one tool when learning to write the characters is my lapwhiteboard. That is  A4 sized thin paper white board where i can write my characters and then whipe themout and redo it. I like to write the characters large at first since they in that way stick in myhead. After that i write them in more actual size, many, many times. 

Every weekend i repeat all old words that i already have learned so that they stick even harder to my weak brain.

Since I am relatively often in Asia i have bought a lot of Chinese books, films etc. I use them to practice my reading. They have the simple stuctures that i can read and not feel stuid about. Newspapers are still to hard at this point.

Every day when i ride my bike to work i listen to Chinesepod, each chapter twice. At home i type in the new words and key sentences in the software for practice and future review.

When i found words with combined charcters, I look up each individua character to learn them at the same time. I use on line dicitoanries to find key sentences with those characters.

This summer i actualy build my own Chinese garden at home with water, bamboo granit chairs etc. There i like to sit in the evenings and write my characters. That is realy good for the motivation.

So, that is my aproach. 

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