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Posted by mandarinboy August 24, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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In my own studying i use a variaty of tools to help me be more effective. I will list some of them here if anyone else like to use them.

http://www.mandarintools.com/ Most of you probably know this site. If not, you realy must go there! There are both online and dowloadable stuff. E.g flashcards,text annotator,dictionary,encoding converter and much,much more. The developer is both a very skilled programmer and good at Chinese.

http://www.yellowbridge.com/chinese/chinese-dictionary.php This is a dictonary that have one extra feature and that is that it can break down each character in to pieces and explain the origin of them. Very useful when it comes to understand the meaning of an character. By understanding the origin it is easier to remember them.

http://www.chinese-forums.com/ Probabaly Internets most active forum for people studying Chinese or just interested in Chinese and or China. Here you find answers to most of your questions.


http://list.mp3.baidu.com/topso/mp3topsong.html#top2 Baidu is a site with tons of Chinese music to listen to or to dowload(usualy MP3). Here you find both Chinese pop from the charts as well as club music etc. Listen to Chinese music is a very good way to get used to Chinese and understand the pronunciation. I especially recomend Wang Fei, she is one of the main reasons i started to study Chinese;-)


http://www.zhongwen.com/ The original dictionary. Here you can search for words/characters and get the composition of the character with links to words using that character etc.


http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/chargif/ Ocrat who had those animations have by some reason closed their site but this site still hosts them. Here you can search for chinese characters and get an animation showing how to write them. There are also stroke order animations in many other dictionaries and software. Actualy, the code for that comes from one of my own early projects. I did manage to create java animations for around 1500 characters. ZDA, mandarintools, yellowbridge etc are all using my old code.


http://zdt.sourceforge.net/  an open source software to practice Chinese. Makes it possible to create your own study lists and practice. With many nice features.


http://www.euroasiasoftware.com/ht/index.html My own software for studying Chinese. Free software but seldom updated anymore due to lack of time. I am currently working on some updates though since i have taken up my Chinese again. Has many features not included in any other software. Many test features, print feeature for flash cards, annotation etc.  Comes with many pre loaded study lists.


http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php Very nice online chinese dictionary. On of the most used ones.


http://www.chinese-tools.com/chinese/examples A dictionary with example sentences for words. Also with many other tools on the site.


http://www.adsotrans.com/newsinchinese/ Read annotated Chinese news. Very nice feature. You get the news in Chinese. If there is any word you do not know you only have to hover the mouse over it to get the pinyin and translation. Adsotrans also have this feature as an download for firefox and lots of other tools.


Ok, that was all for now. Please add your own resources. There are so many on the net and i have probably missed several of them. I have only mentioned the one that i use my self most often.  Naturaly i have not mentioned Chinesepod but that is the place where i hang most of my time:-)


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