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Character etymology for newbie "street argument" 有

Posted by mandarinboy September 8, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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One of the most frequent characters in Chinese.


Pinyin: yǒu

Meaning: have, own, possess; exist

HSK level: 1 (basic)

Frequency: 8

Strokes: 6  

Radical part: 月

Stroke order: http://www.yellowbridge.com/chinese/character-stroke-order.php?searchChinese=1&zi=%E6%9C%89

Etymology: The original shape:





Represents a hand reaching for a piece of meat. The right part is the arm with the hand with only three fingers and the meat is having fat or bones inside. Since meat and moon looks so much alike the character soon changed from meat to moon. My teacher made jokes around this and stated that this is the first proof of woman always wanting more from the man. To give her meat where not enough so she demanded the moon so the man had to try to get hold of the moon instead for her

Example words with 有:

有的          yǒude            (there are) some
有名          yǒumíng        famous; well-known
有些          yǒuxiē           some; somewhat
有时候      yǒu shíhou   sometimes

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