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Character etymology for Elementary - Keys, Wallet, Phone 东

Posted by mandarinboy September 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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Today we will look at all four cardinal points starting with 东. 


Character: 东

Traditional form:


Pinyin: dōng


Meaning: east, eastern, eastward

HSK level: 1 (basic)

Frequency: 155

Strokes: 5


Radical part: 一

Stroke order:

Stroke animation: (the strokes are drawn the direction the picture is tipping)

Etymology: The original shape:



Man looked to the east to find an suitable sign for this direction. What he

found where the sun(,rì) going up behind a tree (,mù) = 東 ,the sun going up over a tree in the east.


Example words:

东西 dōngxi things; objects
东边 dōngbiān eastern side
东北 dōngběi northeast
东南 dōngnán southeast
东方 dōngfāng the East; Eastern countries
东部 dōngbù the east; the eastern part
东京 dōngjīng Tokyo (capital of Japan)

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