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phonetic map : 中 zhōng/zhòng

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 中

zhǒng to swell / swollen
肿瘤 zhǒngliú tumor
zhōng n. bell; clock; time
门钟 ménzhōng doorbell
点钟 diǎnzhōng o'clock
zhòng b.f. middle; second
仲兄 zhòngxiōng n. second-eldest brother
zhǒng species; kind; to plant
种类 zhǒnglèi n. kind; type
种植 zhòngzhí to plant; grow
zhōng b.f. center; middle
中心 zhōngxīn center; heart
中央 zhōngyāng center; middle; central
* zhòng to hit a target; accurately
打中 dǎzhòng to hit (the target)
猜中 cāizhòng to guess right
zhōng loyal; faithful; honest
忠心 zhōngxīn n. loyalty; loyal
忠言 zhōngyán n. sincere/earnest advice
zhōng inner feelings; heart
衷心 zhōngxīn heartfelt; cordial
zhōng handleless cup
茶盅 cházhōng small teacup
chōng to charge; rush /vigorously
冲动 chōngdòng impulse/to get excited
chōng undecided
怔忡 zhēngchōng n. palpitation

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