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Taiwanese Pop Singer 陈绮贞

Posted by user10075 September 20, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .



長亭外 古道邊 芳草碧連天
晚風拂柳笛聲殘 夕陽山外山
天之涯 地之角 知交半零落
一觚濁酒盡餘歡 今宵別夢寒

美麗的 燕子啊 哭泣泥娃娃
蜻蜓飛過夾竹桃 神仙不見了
小斑馬 薔薇花 牧羊的原野
群鳥翱翔的天際 歲月靜流逝

韶光逝 留無計 今日卻分袂
驪歌一曲送別離 相顧卻依依
聚雖好 別雖悲 世事堪玩味
來日後會相予期 去去莫遲疑


Do you know this music?

Where has this music come from?

The reason I have started learning Chinese comes from my first listening to her music 九份的咖啡店.

I have firstly heard her clear voice in Suzhou.

My favorite singer.

Now I can understand this music a little after 2 years learning Chinese from this ChinesePod.



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