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phonetic map : 留 liú

Posted by goulnik October 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 留

liú n. pomegranate
榴莲 liúlián durian
liú to distill
蒸馏 zhēngliú distillation
liū to quick fry
熘肉片 liūròupiàn 々 pork slices
liù swift current; skillful
大溜 dàliù swift current
真溜 zhēnliù eloquent; fluent
liú to remain; stay; keep
留言 liúyán to leave comments
liū to slide; slip away; stroll
遛狗 liùgǒu to walk a dog
liú n. tumor
癌瘤 áiliú cancerous tumor

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