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phonetic map : 召 zhào

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 召

zhāo clear, obvious;
昭告 zhāogào to proclaim publicly
zhǎo (natural) pond
池沼 chízhǎo pond; pool; swamp
zhāo to recruit; attract;
招聘 zhāopìn recruit for a job
zhào v. call; convene; summon
召开 zhàokāi v. convene; convoke
zhào to shine; reflect; take a picture; take care of
照片 zhàopiàn photograph; picture
照顾 zhàogu to look after; care for
chāo to surpass; overtake/super-; extra-
超过 chāoguò to surpass; exceed
超市 chāoshì supermarket
shào to continue; connect
介绍 jièshào to introduce
Shào (surname)
tiáo .
迢远 tiáoyuǎn remote; distant
tiáo loss of baby teeth
龆龀 tiáochèn to lose milk teeth
tiáo .
笤把 tiáoba n. long broom

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