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phonetic map : 马 ma

Posted by goulnik October 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 马

to stock / number
码头 mǎtou wharf; dock
号码 hàomǎ number; code
玛瑙 mǎnǎo agate
to curse; scold
打骂 dǎmà to maltreat
* ma particle (dis)agreement
* .
吗啡 mǎfēi morphine
* What?
干吗 gànmá why on earth?
mom; mother
大妈 dàmā aunt
马上 mǎshàng right away
马力 mǎlì horsepower
猛犸 měngmǎ mammoth
* .
蚂螂 mālang dragonfly
* .
蚂蚁 mǎyǐ ant
* .
蚂蚱 màzha locust

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