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Trip To China: Planning Tips and Tricks

Posted by light487 October 2, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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So I have started to plan my trip to China that will happen around March 2009. I was wondering if anyone knows of any decent websites where I can find cheap accommodation all over China with reviews by people who have stayed there before etc? I'd prefer single rooms, not dorms.

I want to stay in Shanghai for a week, Wuhan for a few days and generally get a feel for different areas of China and where I might like to actually live within the next 5 years. I am not going anywhere near Hong Kong or Beijing on this visit as I am just not interested in those cities. I want to check out Shanghai because I have heard and read so much about it. Same goes for Wuhan.. Other than that, I am easy..

I am trying to workout how much a 3 week holiday is going to cost in terms of living expenses as well. In Sydney it would probably cost me between $100 and $200 a week if I ate take-out food for every meal and generally kept myself comfortable, interested, busy etc. I assume that it's not going to cost that much in China... but how much less.. this is the real mystery to me.

Thanks for all suggestions and tips.

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