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phonetic map : 云 yun

Posted by goulnik October 4, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 云

yùn to transport; utilize
运动 yùndòng sports
运用 yùnyòng to utilize; apply
yùn to ferment; accumulate
酝成 yùnchéng to cause the result of
酝积 yùnjī to accumulate
yún cloud
无云 wúyún cloudless
* yún to say
语云 yǔyún as the saying goes...
yún to weed
耘艺 yúnyì farming skill
yún rue; books
芸草 yúncǎo rue (herb)
芸编 yúnbiān books
yún; tangled; confused
纷纭 fēnyún diverse and confused
yún flowing water
泫沄 xuànyún gushing; spurting
hún soul; spirit; mood
魂车 húnchē hearse

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