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phonetic map : 同 tong

Posted by goulnik October 5, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 同

tǒng tube
耳筒 ěrtǒng n. earphone
气筒 qìtǒng bicycle pump
tóng parasol tree; tung tree
梧桐 wútóng Chinese parasol tree
油桐 yóutóng tung-oil tree
tóng n. copper
铜丝 tóngsī copper wire
tóng similar; together
相同 xiāngtóng identical/alike
共同 gòngtóng common; mutual
* tòng .
胡同 hútòng lane; alley
* tóng immature
倥侗 kōngtóng ignorant
tóng ketone
醋酮 cùtóng acetone
* tōng minor illness
恫瘝 tōngguān hardship; illness
dòng n. hole / thoroughly
空洞 kōngdòng empty / void
洞见 dòngjiàn to see clearly
* Dòng ethnic minority
侗族 Dòngzú Dong minority
dòng mountain cave
平峒 píngdòng tunnel
* dòng to fear; frighten
恫吓 dònghè to threaten
dòng torso
身胴 shēndòng one's body

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