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phonetic map : 汤 tang

Posted by goulnik October 7, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

@ 汤

tàng to burn; iron / boiling hot
烫斗 tàngdǒu (cloth) iron
火烫 huǒtàng very hot; scalding
tāng hot/boiling; soup
汤匙 tāngchí n. tablespoon
汤池 tāngchí hot spring
tāng .
铴锣 tāngluó small brass gong
dàng to shake; wash away
回荡 huídàng to reverberate
洗荡 xǐdàng to wash away; purify
* shāng .
汤汤 shāngshāng flowing turbulently

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