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丝绸 sīchóu

Posted by calkins October 9, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: 丝绸, 絲綢, sīchóu, silk

Photograph : Bruce YuanyueBi







T : 絲綢


S : 丝绸




Sorry, there is no animated stroke order available for 绸.  You can determine the stroke order from its components below:


Example Sentences

T 中國絲綢在世界上素有盛譽。
S 中国丝绸在世界上素有盛誉。

Zhōngguó sīchóu zài shìjiè shàng sù yǒu chéngyù.

Chinese silk has long been famous all over the world.


T 杭州盛產繭絲制品, 被譽為絲綢之鄉。
S 杭州盛产茧丝制品, 被誉为丝绸之乡。

Hángzhōu shèngchǎn jiǎnsī zhìpǐn , bèi yùwéi sīchóu zhī xiāng.

As a city teeming with products made of cocoon silk, Hangzhou is titled the hometown of silk.


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