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Posted by rarefruit October 10, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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I am looking for Chinese movies suitable for family viewing. My 7 year old son and I are a newbies trying to learn Chinese on our own, and are wondering if anyone knows of any good family Chinese movies we could watch. We have found a few and it really helps us by hearing the language from native speakers and would like to watch more, especially if they also have Mandarin sub-titles. The problem is I have found very few movies available in the USA, and even fewer that are family friendly. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but I am thinking if I had some movie titles names that could help narrow my search.

We have watched Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon, Postmen of the Mountains, Road Home. We like adventure, history, documentaries, kids, comedy, basically anything without a lot of gore, violence, or adult content. Anybody have any suggestions?

I have Farewell My Cocubine, Hero, Zhou Yus Train, House of Flying daggers, Raise the Red Lantern but those we really can't watch together, so I would be very appreciated if anybody can recommend anything else. I heard the "Up the Yangtze" is going to be released to DVD in the USA in November so we hope to see that. 

Appreciate any help or ideas

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