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故宫 gùgōng

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Photograph by Guang Niu







T : 故宮


S : 故宫



Example Sentence

T 故宮佔地72公頃(平方米或者7,750,015平方英尺)。
S 故宫占地72公顷(平方米或者7,750,015平方英尺)。

gùgōng zhàndì 72 gōngqǐng (720,000 píngfāngmǐ huòzhě 7,750,015 píngfāngyīngchǐ.

The Imperial Palace covers an area of 72 hectares (720,000 square meters or 7,750,015 square feet).


T 他對故宮設計講解甚詳,如數家珍。
S 他对故宫设计讲解甚详,如数家珍。

tā duì gùgōng shèjì jiǎngjiě shènxiáng ,rúshùjīazhēn.

His description of the layout of The Imperial Palace was so detailed that it was as if he were enumerating the heirlooms of his own family.


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