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phonetic map : 垂 chui

Posted by goulnik October 11, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 垂

chuí hammer; weight
风锤 fēngchuí pneumatic hammer
锤光 chuíguāng to flatten
chuí to hang down; approach; condescend
垂线 chuíxiàn vertical line
垂死 chuísǐ to be dying
chuí to beat; thump
捶打 chuídǎ to beat; thump
chuí whip
箠策 chuícè horsewhip
chuí border area
边陲 biānchuí frontier
chuí to beat with a stick
榜棰 bàngchuí cane for criminals
  shuì to sleep
睡袋 shuìdài sleeping bag
  tuò saliva
咳唾 kétuò spittle

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