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稻田 dàotián

Posted by calkins October 12, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: paddy field, rice paddy, dàotián, 稻田

Photograph by Keren Su









Sorry, there is no animated stroke order available for 稻.  You can determine the stroke order from its components below:


Example Sentence

T 绿茸茸的稻田
S 綠茸茸的稻田

lǜróngróng de dàotián.

A lush green rice paddy.


T 水牛拉著犁,在稻田裡咕唧咕唧地走著。
S 水牛拉着犁,在稻田里咕唧咕唧地走着。

shuǐniú lāzhe lí ,zài dàotián lǐ gūjī gūjī de zǒuzhe.

The water buffalo squelched up and down the paddy fields, pulling the plough.


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