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phonetic map : 耑 duan

Posted by goulnik October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 耑

duān (old form of 端 duān)
chuǎn to gasp for breath
喘气 chuǎnqì to breathe deeply; pant
痰喘 tánchuǎn asthma
duān extremity; reason /to. hold level
极端 jíduān extreme(ly)
无端 wúduān for no reason
端上 duānshàng to carry carefully
chuán rapidly; repeatedly
遄返 chuánfǎn to hurry back
zhuān ignorant
颛蒙 zhuānméng
tuān .
急湍 jítuān n. swift current
chuāi to hide/carry in one's clothes
揣想 chuāixiǎng to think over; guess
chuǎi to estimate; surmise
揣测 chuǎicè to guess; conjecture
chuài .
挣揣 zhèngchuài to struggle; strive hard
chuài to kick; tread on
踹田 chuàitián to tread the field
zhuì worried and fearful; anxious
惴恐 zhuìkǒng to fear; dread
ruì auspicious
符瑞 fúruì auspicious omen
瑞禾 ruìhé excellent crop

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