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Say It Right Series

phonetic map : 羊 yang

Posted by goulnik October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

@ 羊

* yáng ocean; vast; foreign
出洋 chūyáng to go abroad
洋溢 yángyì to be permeated with
yáng n. sheep
羊羔 yánggāo lamb
* yāng .
暖洋洋 nuǎnyāngyāng warm
yǎng to itch; tickle
瘙痒 sàoyǎng pruritus; itch
yàng shape; form; pattern
样子 yàngzi appearance; shape
式样 shìyàng style; type; model
yǎng oxygen
臭氧 chòuyǎng ozone
yáng to feign; pretend
佯称 yángchēng to tell lies
yáng .
彷徉 pángyáng to roam about
yàng illness
无恙 wúyàng in good health
* yáng to melt; smelt
烊金 yángjīn molten metal
  * yàng .
打烊 dǎyàng to close a stor for the night
xiáng detailed; clear
详解 xiángjiě to. explain in detail
不详 bùxiáng not well known
xiáng auspicious
吉祥 jíxiáng lucky; auspicious
祥瑞 xiángruì n. propitious omen
xiáng to soar
飞翔 fēixiáng to circle in the air
  xiáng old term for a school
入庠 rùxiáng to pass the first-grade civil service examination
  jiāng ginger
姜汁 jiāngzhī ginger juice
黄姜 huángjiāng turmeric
  zāng .
牂牂 zāngzāng thick; dense

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