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第一回: Chunk 37

Posted by henning October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

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那士隐夫妇,见女儿一夜不归,便知有些不妥,再使几人去寻 ,回来皆云连音响皆无.夫妻二人,半世只生此女,一旦失落,岂不思想,因此昼夜啼 , 几乎不曾寻死.看看的一月,士隐先就得了一病,当时封氏孺人也因思女构疾, 日请医疗治.

My try:
When 士隐 and his wife saw that the daughter did not return home after one night, they knew there were was a problem. Again several people were sent to search –  only to come back reporting that not even the slightest information could be gathered. The couple who had only that one daughter born in an eternity, fully understandable mourned day and night, almost wanting to die. In that a  month first 士隐first fell ill, then, thinking of that girl 封氏孺 also got sick. Day after day visited the doctor for remedy.

When 士隐 and his wife saw that the daughter did not return home after one night

Therefore knew there were „a few not appropriate“ -> therefore knew that there was a problem

再使几人去寻 找
Again then send(let) a few people go to search

Returned all said not even a (音响) sound was not heard
连…皆  - equivalent to 连。。。都?

The couple

Half a century only born that woman ->
[that] for an eternity only had that daughter born

in case of loss

Won’t it mean the thought
-> I understood that as: it obvious/clear that

因此昼夜啼 哭
therefore day and night (啼 哭) mourned


Almost (不曾) never search for death -> amost wanting to die

In that month (lit: "Look at one month")

士隐first got sick

That time 封氏孺 also because of the thought of that girl got sick

日 日请医疗治.
Day after day visited the doctor for (疗治) remedy

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