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骆驼 luòtuo

Posted by calkins October 13, 2008 in the Group General Discussion.

Tags: camel, luòtuo, 駱駝, 骆驼

Photograph by Adam Wong







T : 駱駝


S : 骆驼



Sorry, there is no animated stroke order available for 驼.  You can determine the stroke order from its components below:


Example Sentence

T 我昨天看了四峰駱駝
S 我昨天看了四峰骆驼

wǒ zuótiān kān le sì fēng luòtuo.

I saw four camels yesterday.


T 駱駝在南方是希罕的東西。
S 骆驼在南方是希罕的东西。

luòtuo zài nánfāng shì xīhǎn de dōngxi.

Camels are a rare thing in the south.


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