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Initial Post: Description Cleanup, Policies, etc.

Posted by EnhuiW October 15, 2008 in the Group General Discussion .

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There are a couple of things I want to run past the members (once there are some) before I make them official policies.

1. Are the policies as written both fair and understandable?

2. Should I allow Chinese-language book recommendations? And if so, what should be the criteria? Books with specialized language? Books for an adult (over 18) audience?

3. We need some kind of labeling system for content. I'd like to include a reading level (Juvenile (12/13 and under), Young Adult (13/14 to 18), Adult (18+)) and a genre (romance, supernatural, kung fu, erotica . . .) label.

Also, we need a group icon. If anyone has an interesting-looking selection of Chinese language books that they can arrange artfully and take a picture of, I'd be eternally grateful! I'd so it myself, but I only have the first Harry Potter book in my own Chinese-language library so far.

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